The 6 trustees of Fairfield House reflect the various communities that are vital to the House’s future;

Asher Craig – Asherhas skills and experience in local government including managing a Community Assset Transfer progamme in South Gloucestshire and is now a City Councilor in neighbouring Brisotl.

Ras Bandele Selassie – Ras Bandele is the respected Rastafari priest for the south west of England and has campaigned ceaselessly for the House’s future since it was first threathened with sale in the 1990’s.

Pauline Swaby Wallace – Pauline is the Project Coordinator for BEMSCA and has been based in the House for that last 20 years. Her hard work and dedication to the Elders that are the membership fo BEMSCA is the shining example of the continuation of the legacy of Haile Selassie

Philip Bonn – Philip is an experienced diplomat and is our link tothe Crown Council of Ethiopia.

Dr Shawn Sobers – Shawn is Bath born and bred and has been associated with the house for two decades, including in 1999 directing and producing a documentary about the House and its history

Steve Nightingale – another proud Bathonian and a Chartered Surveyor, and the Chair of Fairfield House, Steve’s motivation for saving and developing the House is to honour the gift made to the City of Bath all those years ago. Steve has been instrumental in developing the strategy and business plan that persuaded the Council to negotiate a Community Asset Transfer