The Tafari Gallery and Museum is curated by Dr Shawn Sobers

Previous exhibitions and a selection of events are listed below.

Inspired by memories of her mother’s traditional Nigerian print clothes, artist Flo Awolaja uses actual material from those clothes, and also created her own new designs, to produce this new series of exciting art works we are proud to display at Fairfield House.


Wire bottle top/beads and other recycle materials, and cultural diverse model dolls

It was a great joy to have this art exhibition, my first one for 35 years. A display of humanity way of life, through cultural diversity and customs from Rastafari gatherings, in and out of slavery to the present day.

From the sounds of carnival, to the hustle & bustle and aroma of smells of the market place.  Places of vibrant colours, sounds of the open air, to the making and selling of food products. From the style and fashion of beautiful women, to the hot battle of warriors.  The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory, good over evil.

Word, Sound & Power of the reggae band playing in one love and vibration. The heavy blazing bass of the sound system with positive conscious lyrics, music with a message of upliftment and betterment for human kind.

Hope you like the 35 years’ experience with I&I arts. 

With your feed forward, more light than darkness.

Bless. Kulchalee

JAH Golden Pen, featuring the incredible intricate artwork of Ras Jata.  The exhibition runs from 6th Feb – 27th May 2016.

Ras Jata is a  21 year old artist from Chester, England. He expresses spirituality through his artwork and his love and admiration for Emperor Haile Selassie I ,the Rastafari family, and their teachings. Inspired by the Natural Mystic of Creation, Ras Jata paints for Jah, and through his artwork he finds his meditation and happiness, and hopes these vibes will be felt by the others who see his art. He has been drawing since he was a toddler, beginning by drawing lions with his mother.  His biggest artistic influences have been the talismanic Christian artwork of Ethiopia, the Hindu mystic art of India, and early Jamaican artists such as Ras Daniel Heartman, along with many Reggae album artworks and the power of the Reggae music itself. Ras Jata spends a lot of his time travelling but always ends up back at his art table doing what he loves best.

(c) Sandra Harper

TOURING EXHIBITIONS (selected highlights)

Majesty and the Movement exhibition, by Rastafari Regal Livity
October 2014 – Guildhall Bath